When you break your fast..


It is important to be very careful in the first few days after breaking a fast.  Eat small amounts of nutritious, whole, raw or lightly steamed foods and increase portion sizes gradually over several days.  Doing so will allow the body to become acclimated to digesting food again and will allow the digestive system to continue the process of cleansing and purification.  The soft fibers of raw or lightly cooked fruits and vegetables will help the body clean out any leftover toxins.  Ignoring this part of the process and gorging on heavy foods can cause cramping and nausea and will undo much of the work you have just done.  


In the first few days, drink plenty of fresh juice.  Juices offer the body gentle, easily digested nourishment.


Coconut, both the juice and the flesh, will help boost your energy levels and continue the cleansing process.  Mix a little spirulina into the juice for added energy.


Continue to gradually reintroduce foods into your diet.  Consider keeping a journal to help you track how different foods make you feel.  Many people find that they cannot tolerate many foods that they once considered staples of their diets.

Detox vacation in Thailand

Vacation in Thailand is getting more and more popular not just because of stunning beaches and rich natural resources. Vacationers and travelers are spending a lot of money for fun and excitement but what about their health. Instead of eating lots of junk foods and drinking too much alcohol that can harm your health, why not opt for a healthy, enjoyable and relaxing vacation at Ananda Wellness Resort. This is the best resort if you want to experience detox Thailand. After you have experience vacation within this wellness resort, you will arrive home feeling rejuvenated. Some vacationers opt for challenging itinerary and most of them arrive home feeling more tired. If you can come home feeling totally relaxed and rested, then why not take advantage of this opportunity.

A Thailand retreat in Ananda Wellness Resort can offer you detoxed vacation. No need to worry about the price because this vacation will provide you with affordable price much less than what you expect. You will get the chance to cleanse your body from years of eating junk foods, drinking and smoking. You can experience the best life at their seaside spa resort located at the corner of the beautiful island of Koh Phangan in southern part of Thailand. You will love their wide range of rejuvenating and relaxing programs that can revive your mind, body and spirit.

This resort and spa can offer others service aside from detoxification. These services will promote healthy body. With their detox and fasting programs, you can flush away all toxins within your system. You can start your healing and transformation if you will opt for their best services such as Yoga for Health, Thai Massage, Herbal Steam Sauna, and Beauty and Well-Being. There is Chlorine-Free Salt swimming pool and you can treat your family and eat in a delicious Health Food Restaurant and be refreshed with its Juice Bar. Choosing Ananda is the best investment for your health and happiness. They will be very glad to give you the best value for your hard earn money and offer the best cheap detox in Thailand.

A vacation with a detox program will not only give you excitement, but it will also give your body the pampering and wellness that it deserves. It can relieve your body from stress and boost your immune system. To know more about their additional service, you can contact them at Ananda Wellness Resort 16/3 moo 6, Koh Pha-ngan, Surat Thani, 84280 Thailand +66 8 1397 6280.

Cleanse Thyself

Replenish Your Mind and Body in the Ananda Wellness Resort

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The Ananda wellness resort is a Detox center that provides you with a variety of health benefiting programs to enrich and replenish your whole system. With a variety of programs you are ensured general wellbeing with your stay in the resort that will keep you stress free and full of life. Whether it’s you alone or with your family in the Thailand retreat, let the Ananda wellness resort provide you with all the health benefiting programs they have for you. These programs include

  1. Salt-water swimming pool that’s free of chlorine and other chemicals
  2. Yoga
  3. Herbal steam sauna
  4. Programs on Beauty and well-being
  5. Thai massage
  6. Healing and transformations
  7. Detox and fasting programs
  8. Healthy food restaurant and Juice bar

If you are looking for cheap detox in Thailand alongside the other services that the Ananda wellness resort you are sure to get this and other health benefiting services for the mind body and spirit. In Ananda the health and general wellbeing programs include a healthy food restaurant that focuses on mainly the vegetables and fruit diets that ensures your health is maintained and improved. With the Thai massage you get to release the stress and tension that comes with the hustles of everyday life and thus your whole system is left breathing health and fitness. The detox and fasting programs ensure that your body is assisted in cleansing itself and removing unwanted or dangerous elements that may prevent it from being healthy or that may result in ill-health.Healing and Transformations programs are integrated into the Ananda wellness programs providing your body with the proficiency to experience faster healing and the health restoration that comes with it.  The one place that should come into your mind should be Ananda resort. This is as a result of the combinations of health benefiting programs that result in you experiencing heath and general wellbeing. Programs ion beauty and wellbeing are put forward to assist you in knowing and getting the general knowledge in the various ways to maintaining your wellbeing and beauty without use of programs or products that may have a negative impact on the desired results. With its location in Koh Phangan Island, you are sure to experience the beautiful view that comes with its location ensuring excusive sunset views that will further elevate your spirits enriching your mind and body getting you ready for further improvements for your whole system.
Ananda Wellness Resort, 16/3 moo 6, Koh Pha-ngan, Surat Thani, 84280, Thailand.
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Thailand Yoga teacher Training & Detox Resort

Colon cleansing

There is differing forms of colon hydrotherapy however the most common method for undertaking the procedure is by using tubes to insert a stream of water which has ben sometimes fused with herbs or other fluids into the colon ia the anus using specialist apparatus. Oral cleansing systems on the other hand require the taking of differing fibres, herbs, supplements and laxatives.

The people who undertake these procedures firmly believe that the build up of decomposed faeces that remain in the walls of the large intestines and the colon contain a variety of parasites and other microorganisms. Due to the belief system of the Ancient Egyptains and Greeks many people still hold the idea that if the rotten faeces is not cleared it can lead to a variety of health problems in their lives, although many of these idea's where disproved in the very early 20th century.

The Dog Tilted Pose
This pose stretches out your middle to lower back and your hips. It also lengthens your spine and stimulates your kidnys. These are just a few of the benefits of this pose.

How to perform the pose:

Firstly, get yourself into the commonly known table position. Then, whilst inhaling slowly, push your tail bone up (your bottom) into the air so that it is pointing to the sky and arch your spine so that your stomach is dropping down toward the floor.

Secondly, spread your fingers so that they are wide apart from each other with your plams pressed firmly on to the floor. Then, drop your shoulders down/back so that they are away from your ears and  lift your head up so that the crown of your head is facing up towards the sky. Then try to lift your head back so you are looking at the ceiling, go back as far as you can without straining your neck. Do not try to go too far or you could end up with a serious neck injury.

After this, breathe in deeply and hold it for about 8 to 10 seconds. You can do this or if you know the cat tilt position, switch between the two. Inhale into the dog position and exhale into the cat position.

To release properly. flatten your back whilst exhaling so that you are back to your original table pose.

Warning: You need to be careful with this pose, as some people have experienced chronic pain or injuries in their back from not practicing it properly.

Take advantage of yoga for improved health in Thailand


Yoga is becomingly increasingly popular and given the health benefits to both the body and mind, it’s easy to understand for why. Although thought light and calm, the physical effects of yoga as a form of exercise are quite significant. Not only will an individual who practices regularly experience increased flexibility but it will also improve core and muscle strength. It also reduces aches and pains in various area of the body and improves brain function by encouraging the blood to move around the body.


Benefits to the mind include clarity of thought, self-understanding, positive thought and increased energy. There are many ways to get into yoga and develop skills and one of the best places in the world to practise is Thailand. Islands such as Koh Phangan provide excellent courses and programs within an enviably stunning setting. Ananda Wellness Resort is one example of a world-class retreat that offers simplicity and natural surroundings with their programs that are aimed towards reducing the symptoms of certain illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes and thyroid gland problems. Sessions can be tailored to fit the needs of each individual and classes are available for people of levels of skill and experience.